Istruzioni per l'uso DELONGHI K BO 2001. B

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[. . . ] Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance. · Remove the plug from the mains socket when not in use and before cleaning. · Avoid contact with steam coming out of the spout when pouring, and out of the lid or spout when refilling. · Keep the kettle, the power base, and the mains lead away from hotplates, hobs or burners. [. . . ] Using the kettle With the specially designed power base and central connector, you can now set the kettle on the base at any angle, from any position. · Release cord from storage base and adjust length by winding around the base to give the correct cord length to reach the plug socket to be used (fig. · Do not leave loose cord hanging over the edge of work surfaces. Do not fill with less than 0, 3 litre of water (min level) to prevent the kettle running dry while in use; misuse of this kind will shorten the life of the element. If the kettle is overfilled, there is a risk that boiling water may overflow and cause burns. · To close the lid, push it onto the kettle body until it clicks firmly into place. · The water level indicator enables you to see the quantity of water in the kettle. c a b Fig. 1 Fig. 2 1 2 Fig. 3 Switching on CORD EXIT · Plug the power base into the mains socket. · Press the ON/OFF switch down (fig. 5) to switch the kettle on. · The kettle will automatically switch off once the water is boiled (the ON/OFF switch will click upwards and the lights will switch off ). · To turn the kettle off before the water boils, you may move the ON/OFF switch up to the OFF position, or simply lift the kettle from its base - it will switch off and the switch will return to the OFF position automatically. Pouring · Remove the kettle from the power base and carefully pour out the water. Do not tilt the kettle suddenly or pour water out at too sharp an angle. · When you lift the kettle from the base, you may see moisture on the top surface of the base. Condensation on the base is perfectly normal, and should not be a cause for alarm. Fig. 4 Safety devices Fig. 5 1) Automatic ON/OFF switch Your kettle is fitted with an ON/OFF switch which automatically switches off once the water has boiled. If the kettle has 8 just boiled, wait a minute or so before re-boiling the kettle. Do not attempt to hold the ON/OFF switch in the "on" position or adjust the switch mechanism. 2) Safety cut-out If the kettle is switched ON with too little or no water, it is protected against damage by a safety cut-out device which will switch off the power. If this cut-out operates, disconnect the kettle from the mains supply and leave to cool down before refilling with cold water (otherwise the element could be damaged). 3) If the kettle is lifted from base while operating (ON), it will automatically switch off. Cleaning and maintenance Cleaning the kettle · Allow the kettle to cool down fully and disconnect the appliance from the mains before cleaning. [. . . ] You should remove and clean the water filter when you notice any deposits being left on the filter or if the pouring efficiency is impaired. Removing the scale filter · Allow the kettle to cool down fully. · Make sure that your hands are clean and free from soap, etc or anything which might taint the water. Remove the filter by pushing the catch firmly from inside the kettle, then lift up (fig. [. . . ]


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